Welcome to the 2019 Utah Pride Festival!
Exist. Resist. Persist. - Celebrating 50 Years of Stonewall
The Utah Pride Festival is a program of the Utah Pride Center and is projected to attract over 50,000 attendees. All funds raised will benefit the programs and services of the Utah Pride Center in support of it’s vision of creating “a thriving LGBTQ+community in Utah.”
PRIDE ACTIVITIES: Festival, Parade, March & Rally, Youth Dance, 5K Outdoor & Proud in the Park, Interfaith Service & Film Series.
FESTIVAL DATES/TIMES: Saturday, June 1st |1pm-11pm & Sunday, June 2nd |11am-7pm
FESTIVAL LOCATION: Washington Square 451 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah (City/County Building)
APPLICATION PROCESS: Those wishing to sell food at the 2019 Utah Pride Festival may submit an application for consideration. Participation in any previous Utah Pride Festival does not guarantee acceptance into the 2019 event.
FOOD VENDOR SELECTION CRITERIA: The following will be considered in choosing the 2019 food vendors:
  • Menu Pricing
  • Menu Items
  • Food Quality
  • Professional Experience
  • Diversity of Cuisine
  • Booth Presentation
  • Historical Experience
  • Pride Lounge Catering Participation
  • Gold Star Program Participation
BEVERAGE SALES PROHIBITED: All beverage sales are strictly prohibited! All water, soda, beer, wine and cocktail sales are provided exclusively by the Utah Pride Festival. Snowcone and blended/slush drinks are not considered a beverage for this purpose. One vendor may be considered for the sale of café specialty drinks and snacks, such as fresh lemonade, coffee, tea, rooibos, lattes, etc. and possibly snacks, such as pastries, brownies and cookies.
REQUIRED MENU: Vendor applications must include a complete list of proposed menu items with pricing.
APPLICATION FEE: $25 (Non-Refundable)
  • April 10 - Application Deadline
  • April 20 - Participants Confirmed
  • April 29 - Standard Payment Deadline
PAYMENTS: Approved applicants will receive confirmation of their application and a link to complete their payment process online by April 20th. Any payments not completed by April 29th will be considered acknowledgement that participation is no longer requested. Any payments not completed by April 29th will be considered acknowledgement that participation is no longer requested and Food Vendor forfeits their rights to vending in the 2019 Pride Festival.

VENDOR ORIENTATION: Friday, May 17th at 3:00pm (Required Attendance)
FOOD SALES REPORTING: Food Vendor agrees to report daily sales totals to the Food Vendor Director at the end of each Festival Day.
SCHOLARSHP: To welcome Utah's new immigrant/refugee communities and to support independence and entrepreneurship, the Utah Pride Festival is offering one scholarship discount to a new, local food vendor who has been in business less than two years.
FOOD TENT INCLUDES: 15' X 20' space, 15' X 15' Canopy with divider walls and the required SLC Tent Permitting & Fire Code Safety Items
FOOD TRUCK INCLUDES: Space include10’ deep x 25’ wide to park a food truck on the festival grounds.
A limit of four spaces are available on the West side of the City/County building and must be parked parallel to the sidewalk curbing next to the building.
POWER OPTIONS: Electrical power is available for a fee (See rate card). Converters are required for any non-standard festival plug. Electrical hook-ups beyond the standard listed plugs will require additional labor fees of $100-$500.
30 Amp Required Plug (Both 1 & 3 Phase) = HBL 2811 Plug
50 Amp Required Plug (Both 1 & 3 Phase) = CS6365-C Plug
(See Food Vendor Participation Rules for detailed photos of these plugs.)
APPROVED CONTAINERS: All food vendors must agree to use only approved items that are consistent with the festival’s Sustainability & Waste Management program. This excludes the use of styrofoam and/or plastic plates, bowls and clamshell containers. See food vendor rules for more details.
REQUIRED INSURANCE: Every vendor is required to provide a valid Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1 Million dollars which lists the Utah Pride Center and Salt Lake City Corp. as additionally insured. See the Food Vendor Participation Rules for a sample certificate and details.
INSURANCE DEADLINE: Certificates of Insurance are due no later than May 16th. Participation cannot be confirmed without a valid Certificate of Insurance. Vendor tickets and load-in passes will not be available until after the Certificate of Insurance has been provided.
GOLD STAR PROGRAM: Food vendors are invited to participate with the Gold Star Volunteer meals program. Participating food vendors mark their menu items with a gold star so that volunteers may purchase those menu items with a “Gold Star Meal Voucher”. After the festival, each food vendor will be reimbursed $5 per Meal Voucher submitted by June 10, 2019.
PRIDE LOUNGE CATERING (Formerly VIP Lounge): Food vendors are invited to participate in the Pride Lounge catering program. Participating food vendors agree to donate food for fifty (50) festival sponsors and/or UPC major donors one-time on Saturday or Sunday. Food vendors who donate to this program are recognized within the Pride lounge and may promote their company during their assigned one hour time period.
CONFIRMATION: You will receive an email confirmation of your application within 30 minutes of submitting. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam filter, reapply or email us at foodvendors@utahpridecenter.org. Application cannot be confirmed without a written email notice. Please keep this for your records.
ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Please see the Food Vendor Participation Rules -or- email us at foodvendors@utahpridecenter.org
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